a collaborative drawing project | 2003-2005

80 works on paper, audio CD, boom box, dimensions variable



Translation is comprised of a series of audio recordings I made while traveling in the summer of 2003, a series of collected drawings, and a number of short texts. Instead of taking a camera with my on my travels in Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, and Estonia, I made audio recordings wherever I wanted to take a picture, gathering everyday sounds on location.  After returning to the U.S., I waited 3 months and then tried to write a description of each place I had been, based on my memory of the site. I then invited friends and colleagues to make drawings based on my descriptions. The drawings reflect a double translation, from sound to writing to others’ interpretations of my audio-text memories. The collected drawings are exhibited with handouts of the written texts and a boom box playing the audio tracks on auto-repeat. 

This piece was first shown at the Ulrich Museum of Art, Wichita, Kansas, as part of the exhibition Possible models: New Work by Jenny Perlin (10 November-23 December, 2005.)

Susan Agliata, Jesse Ash, Claire Barliant, Laurie Bazzicalupo, Judy Belle, Michael Blum, Bibi Calderaro, Yane Calovski, Luis Camnitzer, Andrea Charles, Clint Cleveland, Martha Colburn, Emily Cronbach, Leeza Doreian, Anna Faroqhi, Cecilia Galiena, Grady Gerbracht, Jaime Gili, Jackie Goss, Karsten Grumstrupp, Kira Lynn Harris, Emily Jacir, Susan Jahoda, Jumi Kim, H. Lan Thao Lam, Sarah Jane Lapp, Lana Lin, Pia Lindman, Mary Lum, Erin Mallay, Lou Mallozzi, Amy Marinelli, Vanessa Mayoraz, Erin McMonagle, Stephen Metts, Lize Mogel, Joshua Mosley, Giancarlo Norese, Santa Oborenko, Mary Osmundsen, Young Park, Bik van der Pol, Andrea Ray, Steve Roden, Luis Romero, Stephanie Rothenberg, Lynne Sachs, Alice Shikina, Anton Sinkewicz, Elise Tak, Sergio Torres, Rachel Urkowitz, Claudia Viera, Stephen Vitiello & Georgia Leopold Vitiello, Enrico Wey


Special thanks to Grady Gerbracht and his Conceptual Drawing class at SUNY Stonybrook, Susan Agliata, Luis Camnitzer, and all participants. 


Download Translation texts (40 KB) >