Perseverance & How to Develop It

Artist book by Jenny Perlin

Published by Navado Press, Berlin, 2006

This book takes the reader on a journey through obsession, the drive for success, 1915 self-help tricks, and demonstrations at the Ford Motor Company. It isJenny Perlin’s Perseverance & How to Develop It, a 16mm film inspired by a slim volume of the same title. Perlin proposes that in the United States there is a historical and cultural cycle of hard work driven by the desire to succeed, a subsequent emotional collapse, and the use of self-help or medication, enabling the return to work. The cycle continues to this very day.  The publication contains an essay, film stills, interviews with the film’s main characters and excerpts from the book that started it all, Besser’s 1915 best-seller Perseverance: How to Develop It.

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