drawing + photo projects


Dust of Snow

20 drawings (10 diptychs), colored pencil on paper, each 24.5"x 8.5", 2009

Ten drawings, watercolor on paper overlaid with watercolor on vellum, each, A4 size, 2007

160 drawings installed in grid, each, ink on A4 vellum, 2007

Box Office: Drawings from the Film
6 drawings from the film "Box Office." Each drawing, 30" x 50," blue colored pencil on newsprint, 2007

Flight: Drawings from the Film
19 drawings from the film Each "Flight." Each drawing, 22" x 30," graphite on paper, 2007

Four color photographs, ed. 20, 9"x12", 2006 

Six drawings for the film "Notes." Each drawing, graphite on paper, 36"x 36," 2006 

Eight color photographs, 9"x12,"  2006

Rorschach Series: 2005-06
11 drawings, 9" x 12," ink and graphite on paper, 2005-06

Socialist Books
Fifteen drawings, ink and colored pencil on paper, 9"x12", 2005-06 

25 drawings/mixed media works, audio, boom box, dimensions variable, 2003-2005

Possible Models: Drawings from the Film 
33 drawings, each 24"x48" (approximate sizes), graphite on paper, 2004

26 ink drawings on vellum, installed as grid, dimensions variable, 2004-present

Photocopied cut-out drawings, multiple in 16 sets of three, 2004-present

Knots & Fences
Graphite and ink on paper, installed as grid, dimensions variable, 2002-2003

Wonder Questions Series
Graphite and ink on paper, 2002-2003

The Power of a Country Road
Graphite and ink on paper, 2002

Graphite and ink on paper

Rorschach Series: 2002 
Ink on paper, 2002

Rorschach: Drawings from the Film
Charcoal, graphite and ink on paper

Mental Efficiency Series
Gouache on transparent paper, 2002

Gouache on vellum, 2002

Gouache on vellum, 2002

Documents for a Report
75 drawings, graphite on tracing paper, installed as grid, dimensions variable, 1998-2000

5 C-prints, 30 x 40 inches each  from 16mm film frames, 16mm film on video, 1998